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Workflow with Business Process Management

Progressing Patients with Custom Processes and Automation


Baritrax360 features the most flexible and advanced Workflow system in the Industry. As a company we have over 20 years of experience in Business Process Management and were the first company to bring this technology to Bariatrics over a decade ago.

Using our state of the art Workflow builder we allow you as a practice to design and build your own processes that a patient needs to go through from initial contact all the way through post-operative follow-up. We allow practices to have unlimited workflow processes that patients can run through and they can be stacked and even customized at the patient level. Never lose track of a patient again.


In addition to creating tasks for staff members in your practice, Baritrax360 can automatically advance the workflow process based on triggers that you set in the system. This saves you time and effort while also moving the patients along.


With each stage in your process a patient will be assigned to a user or group of users in your practice with a deadline to follow-up. This allows you to hold your staff accountable for the patients that are assigned to them. It also allows you to easily see staff members that may be overburdened so that you can even out the work load.


Out optional Patient Portal and Mobile Apps both include Workflow views that allow the patient to see where they currently are in the process and also what’s coming next.


As you collect data over time you will be able to run reports on the efficiency of your workflow. You can see how many patients are in each stage to help you locate bottlenecks. You can see how long each stage takes to complete to find inefficiencies. Our reports are just a click away and don’t require any programming knowledge to get the information that you need.