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About Baritrax360

Baritrax360 was foundedĀ in 2006 with a goal of creating a Bariatric specific software product that perfected the process of tracking patients from seminar to surgery. Over the years, leading practice managers and surgeons have had direct input in the program and its features. The users of Baritrax360 are among the most successful practices in the Bariatric surgery industry.

We invite you to compare the features found in Baritrax360 with those of any other Bariatric specific product. We are not aware of another product that can match the features of Baritrax360. No other software product exists at this price point that can help your practice run efficiently. Built specifically for the Bariatric industry Baritrax360 has been a leader in innovative software features sinceĀ it’s inception over 10 years ago.