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Baritrax360 Patient Navigator is the most advanced bariatric specific patient tracker on the market. Browse below to see a quick run down of some of the features in our product. Once you’re ready to learn more, contact us for a demo. We’d love to show you how we can help you increase your conversion rate from lead to surgery.

Custom Workflow

Using Business Process Management principles, we allow you to build custom workflows that help guide patients from lead to surgery and even postoperative. Our Workflow system is the most powerful in the industry and helps to make sure that patients are never lost.

Integrated Patient Portal

The Patient Portal is a patient facing portion of the software that is integrated into your website. It allows patients to find and register for seminars and appointments. Once a patient has logged in they have the ability to fill out their medical history online so that it is already complete when they come in for their first visit.


Our software includes full scheduling for Seminars and Appointments. Seminars can be created within our software and then appear directly on the patient portal for patients to register. Appointments and Seminars are both integrated with an included automatic telephone and text messaging system that can remind your patients of what they have coming up.

Appointment Reminders

In addition to scheduling, Baritrax360 offers automated text message as well as phone call reminders for appointments and seminars. From here, patients can confirm or cancel their appointments along with being connected to the practice.

Document Mail Merge

Using our Document Mail Merge functionality you can create your own document templates and letters with over 300 Mail Merge data points. Documents can be signed within the browser along with being converted to PDF’s or Faxed.


With our optional e-fax solution, faxes can be treated just like e-mail. We provide your practice with a local number and faxes that are received appear directly in your fax inbox. From there they can be categorized and filed into a patient record. Documents created within Baritrax360 as well as files stored in the patients record can also be faxes with just a couple of clicks.


File Locker

We understand that everything in a patient’s record won’t originate from our software. Because of this, each patient has a File locker where scanned or e-mailed files can be stored and categorized.


Text Messaging

Our software includes a complete text messaging suite that allows for 2 way communication with your patients via text message along with scheduled text messages that can be triggered by dates in the patients chart.

One-Click Reporting

Generating reports doesn’t need to be difficult. Baritrax360 features a series of one-click reports that allow you to visualize your data quickly and easily. Many of our reports also have the ability to be filtered and exported to Excel.


With our optional E-Prescribe solution you can be connected to the Surescripts network of over 64,000 pharmacies for E-prescribing medications to your patients.


COE Accreditation Tracking

Tracking and organizing data for COE Accreditation can be a painful process. Baritrax360 makes it easier by highlighting required fields and generating reports.

HIPAA Compliant

We take security seriously. Baritrax360 is hosted in a secure data center and the software is designed with HIPAA polices in mind and audited by a 3rd party.