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Providing efficiency to Bariatric Practices

through Workflow, Reporting and Automation.

Providing efficiency to Bariatric Practices

through Workflow, Reporting and Automation.

Powerful Process Engine

Baritrax360 features a state of the art workflow process engine to help guide your patients from initial contact up through surgery and beyond.  Each practice has the ability to build as many custom processes as necessary using our easy Workflow builder, no programming necessary.

Patient Portal

Baritrax360 has an integrated patient portal with a dashboard that gives your patient access to important information. The portal is designed to integrate with and match the design of your current website. It allows patients to register for seminars, enter demographic and medical information that will carry forward to other visits.


Baritrax360 includes both an Appointment and Seminar scheduler. We allow you to easily manage upcoming events along with integration with our patient portal. An automated text message and phone reminder system is included.

Proactive Criteria Management

Quickly identify the best candidates for surgery.  Streamline those with insurance companies that understate the value of bariatric surgery.  Criteria based on insurance type is memorized so you never need to repeat mundane clicks once a criteria has been established.  Baritrax360 allows you to quickly  identify and fast track your MVP’s (most valuable patients).  You can now have a process for each patient type and perfect the process for each situation.

Rapid Return on Investment

Baritrax360 was built to maximize surgeries per month.  We’ve been told by practices that the softwares’ efficiencies, automation, and tracking components provide a quick return on investment. Get you your “ducks in a row”  using the tracking features of Baritrax360.

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We increased our conversion rate from seminar to surgery by 20-30% within 3 months of using Baritrax360. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Texas Bariatric Specialists

Using Baritrax360 has enabled me to better connect with my patients through the use of the internet. It saves my practice time and money.

New York Bariatric Group