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Appointment Reminders

Phone Call Reminders

How much time does our staff spend calling and reminding patients about appointments? With Baritrax360 you no longer have to. Utilizing our text-to-speech technology, Baritrax360 can call each of your patients a couple of days before their appointment and read a predefined script to them reminding them of their appointment. This call can include the location and other information that you might need to give them. At the end of the call, the patient will have options to Confirm, Cancel or be connected to someone at the practice if they do need to speak to someone.

Text Message Reminders

Like our automated phone calls, Baritrax360 also has the ability to remind patients about appointments via text message. Patients will be able to respond with Confirm or Cancel and if they try dialing the text message number they will be re-routed to your practice so that they have someone to talk to.