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for Seminars and Appointments

Appointment Scheduling

Baritrax360 includes a fully featured appointment scheduling piece. It includes all of the features that you’ve come to expect from a medical scheduling software product in addition to some added features that will save you time. Using the patient portal, patients will be able to create their own appointments. The software is also integrated with an automated phone and text message reminder system that can either call or send a text message to each patient on the schedule and have them Confirm or Cancel. Utilizing our Dashboards you will be able stay on top of changes to the schedule.

Seminar Scheduling

In addition to appointment scheduling, Baritrax360 features a pretty unique Seminar scheduling and management piece. We allow you to build your seminars and have them automatically posted to your website through the patient portal. Once a patient is added to a seminar you can see a list of all registrants, track attendance and like seminars, patients can receive automated text message and telephone reminders that allow them to Confirm or Cancel.